Tuesday, August 30, 2005

College Girl Gone Wild!

So I did it. Last night I attended my first MBA course, Operations Management. The class, although at first glance sounds like a snorefest, was actually pretty interesting. My current position as Senior Account Services Representative (frilly name for Customer Service Rep) actually has a lot of operational components which related back to the class material.
Everything was going fine until I was reminded I am one of few grad students who goes to night class and the vast majority of people who attend this university are gorgeous undergrads between the ages of 18-24....I didn't work yesterday and my hairdryer broke so even though I have this fantastic new haircut, I looked like a street urchin who couldn't afford Supercuts. I also wore a frumpy outfit that didn't match because I took a nap right before class and basically stumbled around to get ready....I didn't think it would matter since my undergrad years were spent in a public university with people who looked like this:

Well, last night I went to the cafeteria on a break and took a look around...was I in college or a modeling agency? I swear even the register girl was gorgeous! I had the unfortunate experience of having to follow this girl from the cafeteria back to the hall where my class was:

Seriously! The only difference was she had curly hair...I was mortified! I know I'm not in a fashion show, but what is going on? Whoever said all the young girls are getting fatter hasn't been to a private Catholic university lately...Everything is higher caliber. The food, (healthy chicken wraps made to order, bow tie pasta with a veggie marinara sauce that actually had some flavor) the classrooms (flat screen monitors at every desk) the students were confident, savvy, and didn't try to take up time by talking about unrelated nonsense. This may just be typical of most graduate environments, but for this former public school student, this is a whole new world...I actually got giddy learning about operations...what is that?

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