Tuesday, August 29, 2006

What's a Month and a Half?

After accusations of being comatose, I have decided to take a couple minutes for myself and get over work for a minute.
I have been in a whirlwind of travel, work, near separation, and financial aid suspension in the past couple months. I have been desperately trying to keep my head above water, my bills paid, and not lose my mind in the meantime.
I started back to school this week and almost had a panic attack last night pondering my leftover thoughts of inadequacy from the summer semester. I really had to talk myself through the fact that I can focus my priorities and tell people 'no' when I need to. Honestly, school has got to come first, but work has to still be there so I can pay the bills. I won't be going out/contributing to society/attending benefit dinners/parties until the holidays. It just has to be that way. I hate being a jerk and not pleasing everyone, but honestly my head is about to explode with all the whining I'm getting from people. I will probably have lost all my friends by December of '08 when I graduate, but that's a chance I'll have to take. As long as I am still married I will consider it a great accomplishment.
Other than that, I have had 2 travel experiences in the past month and a half in which I was told the same day that I had to fly to New York. Well, one was the day before...I shouldn't be too picky. The 1st time, I had to fly to NYC (which is 5 hours of flying non-stop from here for those of you on the east coast) with a suitcase full of samples to go to a photo shoot which was already over when I got there. I basically went there for no reason, so I decided to make the best of it and go shopping, take myself out to dinner and go dancing.
The 2nd time, I was in Seattle visiting my family and my boss called me on a Saturday afternoon telling me I had to fly to New York for a WEEK and save a documentary from certain destruction. Don't get me wrong- it was a great trip, I learned a lot, and had a chance to shine, but...now that school has started back, I absolutely cannot fly at the drop of a hat like that anymore. I know I got a D in Finance in the summer partly due to my conflicting priorities of work, school, and home and I don't want to repeat that.
Can I say how happy I am that I think we might be getting an early autumn? I swear, during the summer the sun comes out and my motivation evaporates. The fall arrives and it's back to high-heel boots and mid-terms.
In other news, I saw that my company is expanding marketing opportunities to the Miami area which I would love nothing more than to move there in a couple years whenI get my MBA. I think that in order to advance my career the way I want, I will have to move to S. Florida...(sorry Joke)
I'm sure my husband won't be thrilled at first, but I think it would be the best move for us. I think a couple years there and I will be ready to come back to the NW- but it seems inevitable.
That said, I'm off to a meeting. It's good to be back!