Wednesday, August 3, 2005

I'm Back!

Hey All, sorry for the leave of absence and lame-o blog things/quiz results for the past week. Things have been hectic! So an update on the job front: I got past the phone screen and have been asked to complete a project that will determine if I get an interview. I probably shouldn't say what it is, but what I can say is they might be rigging this thing for me to win it! I will tell you more as I start the project.

In other news, I will be leaving next Thursday for the east coast to see my grandparents. Can't wait! It will be a little depressing as my dad's parents are both in a nursing home now and this will be the first time I will see them there. My mom's mom is a stubborn Greek and refuses to get heart surgery to "jump start" her heart (wasn't that a song in the 80s?). I'm sure I will be blogging from the airports, so be on the lookout!

Been reading Cuba Confidential: Love and Vengeance in Miami and Havana by Ann Louise Bardach. As some have said, it's a little boring, but information I have never explored. I am new to the Cuba study, so some of this may be old hat to you all but it's helping me to understand a lot of things about Miami politics.

I still haven't gotten any votes for president yet! :) Looking forward to hearing from you all....

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