Thursday, September 1, 2005

Stop the Nonsense: Get on Your Knees

So like most of you, I have been reading coverage of the Hurricane Katrina distaster in Louisiana and Mississippi this week and I don't have words for the heartbreak and desperation I see through my far-from-the-anguish-eyes.

I have seen the biased coverage comparing the "looting" (black folks) and the "finding" (white folks) of food and other goods, I have heard everything from "it wouldn't have been this disastrous if Bush would have ________ blah, blah, blah....

People, when are we going to sit down and shut up for a minute? When are we going to realize that at a time like this the only thing that will have a serious impact is our prayers? Yes, send money to charities, take in your homeless family members and friends, volunteer if you can, but even if you do all those things, take time out to pray.

God sent the rain, and God will dry it up, but all our hot air won't do a thing.

Take time, in silence, to get on your knees and pray. Forgive our brothers and sisters for their acts of desperation (right, wrong, and indifferent) and instead ask God to provide for them and keep them safe.

I've said too much already, God bless our people in need.


Joke said...

Beautiful entry. Estoy cien porciento contigo.


Tremenda Trigueña said...

Gracias Joke. And by the way, I really appreciated your post to La Queen Sucia's blog. Prepare yourself for some real firefights to come, hermano. I have a strong sense we haven't even begun to see the wrath that will be unleashed on our President and every other governmental agency in this country. They will be who they are, and me...well I have faith and a little change I am sending their way.