Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Future President and VP of the USA

Remeber these faces above....you are looking at the future leaders of America. A couple weeks ago I wrote our party creed for which we don't have a name, but we have a belief system. Please read our primary statement to the world and our dream. There will be more to come, but La Tremenda Trigueña (on the left) and La Tejana Total will one day be runnin' things. Traditional values with progressive social policy... ¡Qué vivan TNT!


Songuacassal said...

Girl, when the time comes you got my vote! Though I would imagine that it would hard for you to become president given that you'll have to step down from being la Reina del Caribe and all. ;)

Tremenda Trigueña said...

Ya tú sa....bueno, I'm not quite yet la reina del caribe, pero del sabor sí! ;)