Friday, September 30, 2005

Stuck in a Rut

Estimados Señores:
Working on some high-level marketing homework and at the point of desperation. I am fearing inadequacy in the worst way and I know that's the last thing that will help me to finish this thing. I've had about 6 cups of coffee today and it's wearing off...Another cup might just blow a fuse and that would not be good. I have to meet with a colleague tomorrow at noon to exchange and review each other's projects. I have a feeling mine will pale in comparison and I won't get an A on this portion....why the hell wasn't I this anal in undergrad???

P'al carajito me voy, me voy, me vooooyyy....
In other news, my other half just informed me that he will be applying to go to Kuwait to train Iraqi police officers for 6 MONTHS. Just freakin' peachy with créme fraiche. Coñazo del diablo con legiones de demonios...Of course nothing is set in stone, but do I really need this stress? I will have to keep myself VERY busy during that time to keep my mind off of oh I don't know, DESTITUTE SOLITUDE?
More random ramblings...feeling insecure about my writing. I guess I'm not producing the level of quality I used to since people who once read my blog faithfully don't anymore...but I suppose my focus has shifted and I really don't pay much attention to theirs so it works out in the end.
Found a suit for the interview on Wednesday. A grey wool Caslon (Nordstrom brand) pant suit-trouser leg which is currently being altered for perfection. Looking forward to getting this interview over and done with. I will, of course, study and rehearse until my eyes bleed.
As long as the hemorrhaging stops by 4pm on Wednesday I'll nail it.
I probably need to eat something right now, I think the malnutrition is going to my head, or not...OK. Done. Now.


Joke said...

You're arrogant and overconfident as Hell, you can't fool me.


Tremenda Trigueña said...

You got it, Joker! I guess I was about to pass out from the elevation, not malnutrition! Thanks for the encouragement.