Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Fruitless Efforts

I have been back and forth all this week and last week with different political ranters, activists, citizens, near defectors, Liberals, Conservatives, Libertarians, and the like. I have given myself an ulcer everytime I open up a blog truly wanting to find some tangible, rational, analytical posts. I have found a few, but the ones with absolutely nothing but a bunch of hysterical hot air have really gotten under my skin. I have tried to expose erred logic, blatant propaganda, resistance to change, and ignorance of information. In every case, the hysteria became more chaotic and someone even said "Bush wanted people to die"...and they were serious. I am not sure where all this mania is coming from, even though I know what they would say. I don't think our President is perfect, I don't think he has done everything right, but the demonization of George Bush by not only the radical Left but moderates as well has become absolutely intolerable. I have realized that it is like unleashing a stampede of banshees to suggest support for our President. I realized that people who have an irreconcilable agenda in mind will stop at nothing-including lying to prove their point. Will I vote Republican in the next election? Not sure. Why? Because I have no idea who is going to run. For all the people who thought I "blindly" voted for Bush, here's a clue: I had never voted for the president before because I had never wanted someone to win as badly as I did in 2004. I have never openly supported a presidential candidate in my life, but after seeing Bush's simple, yet sincere efforts to lead our country, he made an ally with me. Now I know I will receive hell in a handbasket for suggesting he doesn't eat his young, but what I have come to realize is I don't care. We will never agree, and I honestly can't wait until this term is over so they will shut the HELL up. I have never wanted to silence people as much as I do now. These are people who claim to want "peace" in the world, but their utter HATRED for one man, their propensity to blame him no matter what he does is totally repugnant. I can't change them, though. I truly hope that the hatred they hold in their hearts is healed by a spiritual intervention but I know that even if Bush was tortured, raped, thrown into a pit of piranhas and skinned alive, they would still not be satisfied. If he cured world hunger, freed all political prisoners, saved the whales, sewed up the ozone, donated a lung to a child in need, he would still be seen as a demoniac with a trumped-up self interest. I'm tired, I'm done, and I am losing respect for their lack of intellectual discourse.


Joke said...

Uh oh. Now you've done it.


Tremenda Trigueña said...

And I'll do it again!