Tuesday, September 6, 2005

¡Déjate el Abuso Peluso!

¡Buen Día a Todos!
Hope you all had a relaxing Labor Day. This will be my last entry regarding Hurricane Katrina for awhile. As most of you, I have been obsessing about what's going on down there, and instead of talking about it I am just going to continue to DO what I can to help. When the smoke has cleared, we can start talking about politics. To be honest, I am tired of talking and tired of people's lack of respect and class. However, one person (a celebrity even) who has impressed me is Miss Macy Gray. She has displayed grace, class, humanity, and the common sense to look beyond whatever she is feeling right now and got to work for the people. Let's give this woman her props everyone; she is a shining beacon among a lot of darkness right now.

Singer Macy Gray Volunteers at Astrodome

The Associated Press© 2005

It wasn't for a concert. R&B singer Macy Gray came to town specifically to help refugees from the flooding in New Orleans.

"I just really wanted to help out," Gray said after spending Saturday handing out clothes and toiletries in the Astrodome. "I think the most important thing to them is their futures. They are here, and they have gotten out of that disaster but it is, like, now what? Because they can't live like that forever."

About 18,500 survivors were housed in the Astrodome and an adjacent meeting hall. More than 120,000 refugees were in 97 shelters in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and dozens of smaller cities across the vast state, Gov. Rick Perry's office said, with another 100,000 in hotels and motels. Uncounted more were in churches or private homes.

"It is crazy when you don't know what is going to happen to you the next day and suddenly that is what their lives are like," Gray said of the refugees.

The Grammy winner said she was able to lift the refugees' spirits and many were excited to see her.

"It is very humbling, but I loved every second of it," Gray said. "It was really gratifying and I had a great time."

With more than 220,000 hurricane refugees camped out in Texas and more coming, Perry warned Saturday that his enormous state was running out of room.

"Texas is committed to doing everything it can to help our neighbors from Louisiana, but we want to make certain that we can provide them with the medical care, food, shelter, safety, education and other services they need to start getting their lives back together," Perry said in a statement. "Local officials are beginning to notify us that they are quickly approaching capacity in the number of evacuees they believe they can assist."

Buses continued to arrive at the Astrodome, where many were redirected to other evacuation centers after people were processed and evaluated for medical conditions. (AP)


Aaron Hanscom said...

Thanks for pointing out a celebrity who really is making a difference. Kanye West and Sean Penn are unfortunately the only ones you really hear about.

Tremenda Trigueña said...

I actually think I am getting an ulcer from all the negativity surrounding this hurricane. Instead of figuring out who to boycott, I just want to know who is getting off their rear to help the situation.
*Welcome back!*