Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Symmetry of Children

I was sitting in church a couple weeks ago and started looking around me...I started noticing children...not in the same "I can't believe they are eating crackers and drooling all over the pews" look I usually give them, but I really looked at them. Have you ever noticed how symmetrical they are? Have you ever noticed the perfection of their faces, the contrast of their hair/eye/skin colors? In my church there are mostly people of Greek descent but we are a beautiful and diverse people. There are light tones like almond milk, there are those of us whose olive roots glisten underneath our skin, there are those that have skin like cherry wood....darker than many people of African descent in this country (but we are still categorized as "white"...don't ask me!) . I mused at how olive skin, blond hair, and steel grey eyes can make a child look mature yet with youthful perfection. I saw how their interactions with their parents, their friends, their siblings...rang with unmarred balance. Every teardrop, every smile, every blink of their eyes was artistic, expressive...and they didn't even try.
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