Sunday, October 5, 2008

Nueva Luz, Nueva Vista

This weekend I cleaned out, deconstructed and rebuilt my home office. I went through 8 years of papers, junk, pictures, albums, etc. and finally got things to a manageable level. I found a check for $1,700 that I had forgotten about (don't ask me how!) and now I know how I'm going to buy an imac this week. I am hanging art, filing bills, creating files for my marketing business, and I can see the floor and the walls. My printer is now within arm's reach, and my record player is in full working order. I've been crooned by the Isley Brothers, driven to tears by Tierra, taken back in time by Lionel Ritchie and The Dramatics, and now I'm winding down to Shakira and Victor Manuelle on CD. I've compacted, feng shuied, and stacked my life in this office. I feel clean, functional, and ready to get down to business, no matter what it might be. I've got my Asian pinup girl illustrations (nothing lewd, my girl Jenni is an artist and I bought some of her prints), I've got my Wonder Woman collector's plate polished up and ready to hang, and I'm going to see if the 8-track is compatible with my stereo.
I can actually say I know where everything is now and I have an incredible sense of calm and accomplishment right now. As a creative person (you all know) I have to be "struck" by inspiration to take on something as tedious as cleaning and organization. You may wonder how I was driven to it- I actually went out and bought the stuff to hang my art with, and once I rearranged the furniture and hung up art, I was compelled to shred 8,000 lbs of paper to do my sanctuary justice.

Order follows art, at least in my world.


Anonymous said...

Hi baby,

thanks for that perfect response, I am sooo taken by your inspiration especially the monetay one... that is a lot of money to forget about no?

I would like your critique on Monday if you have time with your busy schedule, I have a self portrait I am giving away to my psychiatrist Mary Ann Dean as a gift later this month.

She basically saved my life she was the one who noticed the shift in blood enzymes my MD missed all together when I told him my heart was palpitatind strangely, and my quadricepts were twitching weird on my half marathon runs. I went back and yelled at him to give me a specific blood test and BINGO!!!

You're chronic Jesus, here's the news....

So a new I-Mac you deserve that go super gatita.


Furious Moore said...

I need u to come organize my office. Please. I'll let u keep 15% of any checks u find.