Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Last Thoughts From Tuesday the 30th

Today was an interesting day. After being laid up and useless for a few days, I have regained my strength and inspiration 20-fold. I started the day off right with an Iced Grande Liquid Oppression, skim milk, 2 Splenda. Had the superdelish low fat turkey bacon breakfast sammich, and off I went to the office in the 'hood.

Here's a little bit about my professional climate as of now:

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I play marketing professor at the University.
Tuesday and Thursday I play deputy director at the nonprofit.
Every single day I play the small business owner tryin' to rub 2 nickels together to make a dub.

I love my crazy life right now. I am getting ready to paint several rooms in my house, FINALLY clean my office, and deal with this bloody IRS crap that has me thinking I'd rather be riding a porcupine buck nekked in a South Carolina hail storm than to deal with it.

That said, I got my first paycheck(s) today. I have been working 3 and 4 jobs for about 6 weeks and this is the first skrilla I've seen. Now, although I am paying off the bills, I did take my happy butt to IKEA and bought that full-length, dark-wood framed floor mirror I've been talking about for 2 years. It used to be $299 but it ws $99 today and don't you KNOW I hooked that bad boy up on the handtruck. It stands right in the entry way to my house so I can do the booty check right before I leave the house in the morning...nothing better than that.

I also went ahead and bought a new office chair that is minimalist, white, and perfect because it's not too comfortable so it will inspire me to get my work done faster so I can get off my booty and do something besides work and play on the computer.

I also bought one of those plastic mats that goes underneath the roller chair so I can push myself away from the desk when I've won a battle with a victorious "YESH!" and the chair will actually roll backwards instead of giving me carpet burn and whiplash at the same time.

Oooh- also picked up some paint swatches from the store today so I can start designing my oficina.

Life is good, we're in business, and I hope to have my website up by mid-November.

Signing off,

Dirty, Dirty, Businesswoman.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I just love the dirt....
Mirror for boooty check, yes every professor must be checked out, and all biz peeps also need the momentary enjoyment.

The rainstorm in S.Carolina gave me the visuals, although it doesn't take much sometimes.

I feel like perhaps today a couple of nice chicken tacos with a good drop of limon con los radishes, might please this pair of horns.

Have a great day.

Tremenda Trigueña said...

I want some post-Thanksgiving pozole de pavo right now! I always make it and cut up a million vegetables to put on top. Weeeepaaaa!!!!

Furious Moore said...

THE BOOTY CHECK!! Ha! I love that. If we talked everyday I'd always be like, "So, did u have a good morning? Do a booty check?"


Tremenda Trigueña said...

Man- and you KNOW you can always ask me and I'll give you a straight answer! :-) That's what homiez are for.