Saturday, September 29, 2007

Ode to a Friend.

Every once in while someone comes into your life by chance who changes you forever. It may be while you're going through something difficult, and it may not...but they. change. your. life.

Their humor and sensibility match yours, their dreams become yours, and you love to laugh with them on a daily basis. You know they will be there for you no matter what you're going through, regardless of the choices you make. You want to see them soar to new heights, and they inspire you to live out your dreams.
This person may be male or female, they may even live on another coast, but your souls match and that's all that matters. There is something pure about true friendship that supercedes romantic love or infatuation. True friendship respects, upholds, and lets go when it needs to. True friendship can watch from afar knowing that even if your paths never cross again, the change within you both can never be taken away.
This kind of friend wants to see good prevail, and ultimately your happiness will be their happiness. True friendship is a matter of love, but a love that is unselfish and gentle. It is a love that will make you smile just from hearing a song or seeing something small that you talked about once.
I think this is the most beautiful kind of friendship. I think that this is the kind of friendship that merits permanence over your heart. I think that everytime you look in the mirror, there lies a reflection of that person melded with your own. I think this is true love, and I may be wrong...but I don't think so.

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