Monday, November 27, 2006


Discovered a must-have set of crystal today...and she goes by the name Nambé Tilt Collection. I've been looking at a lot of beautiful things lately so I decided to fancy myself a design aficionada for several reasons, but here are a few:

1. I just bought oodles of furniture to fill up space in my 1st floor and I need lovely things to sprinkle around them.
2. I just came out of 8 months in PR and worked very closely with cutting edge designers and critics who are connected in the fashion/art/design world.
3. My sister is a designer and I run everything past her for the final approval.
4. I have always had an eye for design, even if I couldn't design my way out of a cardboard box.
5. I have a burning obsession to avoid ever being tacky and uncultured unless of course I'm trying to be in an effort to show just how much I rebel against societal norms.
6. I have decided that just about everything with swirly-swoops and bordeaux-ish details makes me sick and reminiscent of gaudy try-to-bes-that-never-were.
7. I like clean, simple lines with a dash of mania.
8. I'm just a country girl with a city heart who lives in the suburbs and has too much space on her hands.

There you have it folks. Clean, simple, neurotic.

-La Tremenda Trigueña-


Joke said...

Be a pal and throw a link in there! (While I would give my left, er, kidney for the "Tilts," my wife But these look like SUCH GREAT GIFTS!)

¡Te estás poniendo sofistica'!


Tremenda Trigueña said...

Ah yes, my friend. And for $195 for the decanter and 2 glasses it's a steal!
I am a HUGE fan of oddities in which to serve spirits- you won't catch me with the classic Sicilian roots drive me to much humbler thing like a juice glass- it's just my style.