Thursday, November 9, 2006

I love this picture- it's where my head's at right now...relaxation, stress relief. I'm in a new department now, MUCH less hectic than where I was since last March. I went to a traditional Korean day spa last Friday and got the salt scrub in which they lay you on a padded table and scrub you with salt and water until all your dead skin rolls off and they rinse you with buckets of warm water every couple minutes or so. Even though it might seem like a terrible irritant it was actually quite soothing and I even nodded off at times.

Other than that, MMM and I purchased an entire floor of furniture a few weeks ago- formal living room, family room, dining room, and a futon for the guest room. All in all I was extremely satisfied with our purchase and quite proud of my eye for good design. In addition, we landscaped our entire front yard, bought a brand new LCD TV with all the home theater components like speakers, receiver, sub woofer (HATE that word)...I am feeling much more "made" than I did a year ago.

Fighting off a nasty cough/cold right now, but other than that I'm doing OK. School is stressful but manageable, I just need to get myself caught up and I'll be fine. Oh yeah- and I turned 30 on October 21st, I'm a real grownup now.
Gotta go, Stats just started.


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