Monday, October 17, 2005

Things I Liked, Things I Didn't

So I am on Fall break from school this week, so that means I just have to work 40 hours and go home as opposed to working 40 hours, rushing to school, drinking 7 cups of coffee a day, and freaking out because I have no idea what the prof is talking about.
Being on Fall break means I was able to do just about anything I wanted this weekend, which for me included:

1. Watching about 20 hours of makeover shows
2. Going to Target and buying some necessities like razors, multiple toothbrushes, and some new, grownup-looking dish towels
3. Throwing away at least 3-5 items of clothing after each makeover show
4. Vacuuming my WHOLE house (this happens a lot less that I would like it to, but please don't judge me for it)
5. Painting the 6 little patches in the bathroom so my husband can install the towel racks I bought 6 months ago
6. Driving to the river to stare at it and wonder how I am going to manage all the 10 million responsibilities I have taken on
7. Hanging out with the homegirls and the new baby nephew

*What I liked this weekend was when I went to Target I heard this little girl crying to her mom about how she "had too many toys" and she wanted to give them away to other kids who needed them more than she....not your everyday occurrence; kids can be great sometimes.

**What I didn't like was on one makeover show this young Marine's wife was getting a makeover because she had recently lost a lot of weight and he hadn't even commented on it. She hoped that "maybe with a makeover my husband will notice me"....What a friggin' a**hole. I actually cried thinking about all the work she put in to lose the weight and he doesn't even have the decency to support her or say anything. It took me back to some very hard times, but at least I am not a stay-at-home mom whose life revolves around her kids' and husband's well-being and approval.


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