Wednesday, October 12, 2005


A 72% raise.
72% of what I make right now will be added to my salary and that's what they're actually going to pay me. I am not sure that I have fully digested (and I'm sure I won't until I get my 1st check) what I found out yesterday. I honestly thought 50% at the most (that was a reasonable estimate) but they gave me more than I ever dreamed they would.
I have worked full time since I graduated from college (as many of us have) and I started thinking back to where I started out......

  • Graduated from college
  • Moved home
  • Planned a huge Greekarican wedding in 3 months
  • Got married
  • Lived in a renovated chicken coop for $280/month
  • Worked as an On-Call Crisis Residential Counselor at the local juvenile detention center


  • Moved to ActionJacksonville, North Carolina
  • Spent a year in the military projects
  • Got hired as an insurance agent
  • Got sexually harassed as an insurance agent (by my boss)
  • Failed miserably as an insurance agent
  • Got fired
  • 2 weeks later went back to my true love of fixing kids whose parents screwed them up


  • Moved back to the NW
  • Lived in a couple decent apartment complexes
  • Worked in an alternative high school fighting ornery kids who didn't like outsiders
  • Grant was up for previous job, position ended
  • Went to work in another alternative school, this time with respectful kids who loved learning


  • Got promoted to coordinate a career and higher ed prep program for great public school kids


  • Went to Miami in the midst of a serious life crisis
  • Saw the whole world in front of me and for the first time; knew it could be mine
  • Came home, started business classes-loved them!
  • Worked a day job, bartended on the weekends, and went to school
  • Got tired of that really quickly


  • Got hired with the company of my dreams
  • Took the GMAT, applied to grad school


  • Bought my first house
  • Got into grad school
  • Got hired for the job of my dreams
  • Cannot believe how incredibly blessed I have been.....

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