Saturday, September 13, 2008

Enigmatic Conscience

Here's my question. When you have hit rock bottom in your life before and come out of it alive why do you fall back down as soon as things get better?

How strong do you have to be to withstand the emptiness, the bone-chilling, soul-grating thunder?

I need to know. I need to know how to be able to stand up against the storm, to fill the void when cyclonic winds suck the life right out of me.

I want warmth to lift me out of the gravitational melt my eyes into a honeycomb and make me see only you.

Sweet, dulce amorcito...there was a time you danced your way into my heart.

But, somehow over time you lost your rhythm and now you just stomp.


Furious Moore said...

The last 3 lines are a poem. A very good poem. Wish I had the answer. It seems like, when we fall down, it is because there is a lesson we must learn. The sooner we recognize this lesson, and commit ourselves to learning it, the sooner we rise again. In the end it comes down to this, to paraphrase that famous statement about peace: the price of happiness is eternal faith.

Tremenda Trigueña said...

I must be a slow learner...either that or I have a really short memory.

Furious Moore said...

The first step is recognizing the lesson. If u can do that, you're halfway there.