Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Room

So below you see the components of my shopping frenzy over the past several months. it IS NOT, by any means, done. I am having curtains made out of a cream tone-on-tone geometric pattern fabric along with a black lining...you'll see. My Sister the Artist is supposed to creating me original works of art to go above the cream sofa, but I STILL don't think it's enough contrast. I definitely want to put a plant to the right of the sofa, but the way it's positioned right now, it's dwarfed by the huge wall...which begs the question: Should I paint the wall black? Should I separate the tables which are acting as a coffee table right now and place them on either side of the sofa? Is it too symmetrical as it stands right now? I know I need a slick bookshelf or something to go to the right, but I don't want to overpower the sofa. Needing some spatial orientating...

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