Monday, December 18, 2006

Design District Delights

Took off from work around 3pm on Friday and had some time to kill before the MBA program end-of-semester celebration at the pizza joint in Old Town, so I decided to make the best of it and shop the hoity-toity design district for oddities, furnishings, and fixtures. Found some fantastic light fixtures, including about a million chandelier choices for the formal living room (one of my favorites pictured above), and a zig zag bookshelf in espresso at P.H. Reed. MMM says we have to wait until after tax season to make any big purchases, so my visions of grandeur for the front room have to be put on about a buzzkill.

I then decided it was probably time to think about other people, so I went over to Oblation ( to pick up a birthday card for my friend and ended up getting journals and artsy notecards for my friends and family for Christmas. I got my sister the coveted moleskin journal whose claim to fame is "the journal of Hemingway and some other esteemed writer" but this particular journal is for writing music, which my sister has been doing a lot of lately along with creating original works of art for my living room.

On Saturday morning I had breakfast with the boss, her husband, a co-worker, and his girlfriend- very nice. I then went on another time-killing spree before my haircut and purchased some awful-sounding but very cool soap logs which are basically rolls of over-priced organic-looking soap with fun flavors like eucalyptus and lavendar oatmeal.

That's all for now- more tales of delight to come.


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