Monday, April 24, 2006

Woke up Well This Morning...

Lent is over.
I am eating meat, milk, and all the other stuff I wasn't supposed to have for 7 weeks. I did cheat on the dairy part a little, there were times when it just wasn't feasible to do without it, and there were other times when I just needed a bagel and cream cheese to start my day right.

I Eastered with a family from church along with my mom and her new beau who came down to visit. Not sure how I feel about the beau- mom was separated for 3 years and is recently divorced from her 3rd husband of 15 years....for good reason. However, in the past mom has not always been the most...emotionally intelligent or instinctual; hence my sister and I taking on the role of rabid pit bulls protecting mom from slimy predators.

I hate to say it, but I don't hate the guy. Only time will tell if they are meant to be together, but in the meantime I will continue to gnaw on rawhide chew toys in his presence just to let him know his potential fate if he steps out of line...

Worked out at lunch today so I'm feeling really good- energized, positive, and focused. Looking forward to getting the car cleaned after work and going home to relax a little. It's been getting warmer here so I am snapping out of the Seasonal Affective Disorder that afflicts EVERYONE in the northwest from about November to April.

Loving life this week, hope it stays this good.



Joke said...

Bien hecho.

Try to growl a lot, if possible.


Joke said...

Um, Trig...EASTER is over, almost.