Sunday, November 13, 2005

Cold Weather Potpourri

Well it's that time of year again. The time of year when I'm not satisfied with a normal smelling home which for me is a melange of garlic, onions, candle wax and an occasional dishwasher detergent aroma. No, this is the time of year when I take everything I want to eat and I put it in a pot and boil it strictly for aromatic purposes. It's a lot cheaper than the $20 stuff you get at the store and it feels more wholesome because you made it. Here's my potpourri recipe for late fall:

Tremenda Trigueña's Organic Potpourri Recipe

Fill a sauce pan 3/4 full of cold tap water
Place on stove top over low heat
Crumbled cinnamon sticks (2 or 3)
A punch of cloves (not a pinch)
Orange peels (either fresh or the dehydrated ones you can buy in the spice section)
A dash of vanilla (either extract or whole if you have it)

Let simmer all day long, but make sure to watch the water level. DO NOT leave this on if you leave the house. Yes it's common sense, but you never know who reads this stuff....

***This mixture not only sends a delightful warmth through your home, it also gives off some humidity for those of us who get dry cracked skin in the winter months. May you all have a wonderful cold season!

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Aaron Hanscom said...

I like the potpourri google ads. I'll be clicking.