Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Things for Which I'm Thankful

In the midst of so much natural and human-inflicted destruction in the world in the past few days, I found it imperative to acknowledge the blessings that abound in my life for which I am so seldom grateful....

  • A beautiful and ancient faith
    A God who loves me regardless of my multiple failures as a human being
  • Parents who are such polar opposites that being in the middle almost makes me sane
  • Being multicultural
  • Being able to pass for just about any ethnicity
  • Surviving my childhood
  • My childhood being over
  • A mother who writes songs and dances more than I do
  • A father who gave me his stern Irish independence
  • My 3 year-old nephew being in remission from a brain tumor
  • My husband coming home to me alive and unscathed thus far
  • Being able to accomplish every major goal I have put my mind, body and soul to
  • Bartending experience
  • Culinary skills
  • A house too big for 2 people
  • Long, dark, curly hair
  • Full symmetrical lips
  • A Sicilian nose
  • Carrying my weight in my butt
  • Soul, rhythm and candela
  • My voice


Aaron Hanscom said...

How about your eyes! This was a very uplifting post. Being grateful is the key to happiness.

Tremenda Trigueña said...

Well I figure everyone sees my eyes..it's the only thing I let them see so I'm sure they've already made their opinion about them. I had to let them know about everything else!

prosario_2000 said...

You are very beautiful then. Keep being that way, and nurturing those virtues you have and God gave you :-) By the way, your eyes are great. :D