Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Gotta Let it Out

I'm stressed. I am in an incredible financial bind with no immediate way out. I had an interview for a job that was great but didn't pay enough, so now I don't think I should have turned it down. I am so stressed right now I could scream. I can't pay my bills and even though I'm almost done with school I don't have a promising job prospect. God- I know I should be thankful but this has me insanely anxious and I can't sleep. I am going to do whatever it takes- it's Holy Week, I can't go to any of the services this week because I have class when they're going on, I need to finish my final presentations and papers and then...? I already put out a feeler to be a bartender but I need to SLEEP tonight.
Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy. God please hear my plea- you are the only one I can trust to get me through this...I am so stressed right now I can't see straight. I have to have faith, I have to have faith...I HAVE to have faith. Focus your energy...calm your spirit. No recruiter is going to call you at 12:20 am...you have to sleep tonight so you can get it together tomorrow...God's got your back.

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