Thursday, March 27, 2008


Banished to Sub-Saharan exile, you call on your Bedouin spirits for salvation
Blood thickened from dehydration you cry out for your Father, He hears but a whisper.
Where once a mighty palace lay, now but shards of glass, your spirit is a shambles.

Love Me.

But I do.


I thought I did.

Love ME above all others.

I shall.

Forgiveness is seeing others that have forsaken you as God sees, over Stella Artois I saw you. I let you go. Your 5 year old spirit that was banished into denial is still there 20 years later and I forgive you. You know not what you do, and you may never know.

Those who believe they are spreading good because they can't see evil are....who I once loved.

Today they are who I grieve

To forgive someone is to think of that person without an emotional reaction and for the first time I could think of you and you didn't burden my peace.

Fly, and the angels will catch you.

May His Wings of Solitude take you home.


Furious Moore said...

I love the structure of this. To be honest, this is one of those pieces where you read them and they leave you with an emotional impact but you don't understand why. There is something really deep and moving here. It's like hearing distant music and becoming entranced by the rhythm even and the sound of the singer's voice, even though you can't make out any of the lyrics.

Tremenda Trigueña said...

This was inspired by some MAJOR life-altering revelations. God was working with me, and I had to get this out. I believe that the pitch of spirit behind words can be transferred to the recipient without them understanding why.