Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Ok, I admit it. I took the summer off of school so I'm only working and I have turned into one of those women. The women who can't stand their own reality so they resort to escapism through other people's love stories. My vice? The first Dominican telenovela on Univisión- Trópico. I have never liked any of the other novelas on TV- the Mexican novelas are way too cheesy and uptight for me. I finally feel like I can relate to a story and the music they play doesn't remind me of a bad Latin pop band like RBD. No- when they kiss, suddenly bachata plays and in between scenes they pan throughout the city of Santo Domingo and the beautiful beaches of Dominican Republic.

Sure, most of the characters are (unrepresentative) light-skinned Dominicans, but the makings of every solid novela are there:

1. Unwanted pregnancy
2. A poor girl from the campo
3. A rich, handsome novio
4. A tyrranical business tycoon
5. The bad rubia with a bangin' ass body
6. The jackass brother of the rich, handsome novio
7. A HUGE secret that could ruin the poor girl from the campo's relationship with the rich, handsome novio
8. The green-eyed trigueña that steals the tyrranical busines tycoon from his wife of 35 years
9. A fat tia with BAD makeup and yellow teeth

What this novela has that others don't:

1. A Dominican tiguere that uses all the good slang and wears a royal blue satin robe
2. Bachata playing during the love scenes
3. An all-black police force

It's on Univision @ 1pm everyday. Check it out!


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Anonymous said...

I'm not latino but I enjoy this tropico soap opera. The two characters that stand out for me are Mario Montalvo ( unbelievable presence ) and Scarlet Ortiz ( muy bella ) and of course the wonderful scenery of Santo Domingo. I hope more like this comes out of the Republic