Sunday, July 9, 2006


My grandfather would have been proud although he was never a football fan-- the patria of his father won the World Cup today and I was right there standing next to my Italian brethren, never more proud to be Siciliana. For one of the first times in my life I was boldly passionate about a sporting event. Working in the athletic industry has had an effect on me I never thought it would-- I love football (soccer). Little by little I fell in love with Grosso, Del Piero, and yes-- even Gattuso. I was a little upset by the dirty tricks in the beginning of the final match, the diving, tripping, etc., but as soon as Zidane head-butted Materazzi?! All bets were off and I wanted him OUT and Italia to WIN. Well guess what Francia??!! SE LA VIE!!! At least the first goal we scored wasn't a penalty kick. France played a good game, but Italia proved itself in the end and got the trophy gold. CHE BELLA!

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